campaign to:

Challenge (bigotry)
Act (on values)
Mentor (others)
Promote Unity

in skydiving

Mission Statement

CAMP Unity is dedicated to promoting active inclusion within skydiving and ensuring equal and diverse representation of all groups within the sport.

We challenge racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia, and all other forms of bigotry whenever we see it.

We undertake direct action to increase and include diverse voices.

We are building a community where people from all walks of life feel welcomed and supported in the sport of skydiving.



Letter of Support

Publish a full-page letter of support in Parachutist magazine calling on dropzones and manufacturers to make statements of inclusivity and commit to standing against racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia. This advertisement will explain the issue we are combating and would include the names and logos of supporting gear manufacturers, teams, institutions, etc.

Establish Programs

Establish an official CAMP Unity sports program similar to SIS to increase diversity in skydiving across the United States. This program will be responsible for mentorship and engagement of new jumpers, providing a network of support to all willing members, organizing boogies and skills camps to attract a diverse group of jumpers of all skill levels.

Raise Awareness

Grow CAMP Unity’s Facebook group membership and develop a visible online presence to raise awareness among affected minorities that their concerns are being taken seriously.

Meet Our Volunteers

Alina Borovika

License: B-40868. 6 years in the sport. 450 jumps.
Home DZ: Skydive the Ranch and Skydive Tecumseh.

From Riga, Latvia but recently became a naturalized US citizen. Aside from skydiving, loves to rock climb, dance her butt off, and nerd out on chemistry and data science.

Pronouns: She/Her

Christian Carreras

Licensed in 2016, B-46560, ~160 jumps, 11hrs+ in the tunnel.

Enjoys the outdoors and random adventures. Currently resides in the Northeast and calls Skydive The Ranch his home.

Pronouns: He/Him

Anastasia Uglova

License: C-47666, ~650 jumps, Coach Rating, 3 years in sport

Incorrigible traveler and adventure sports enthusiast (acrobatic yoga, climbing, scuba, skiing, skydiving). Voracious reader. Side hustler in workforce development and career coaching. Insatiably curious. The type that spots the misaligned pixel and misplaced comma. Probably a particle physicist in her previous life, but spent this lifetime working in politics and media.

Born in Russia, lived in Rwanda, France, and Austria, currently exploring the southern United States and guiding her career strategy clients to dismantle the hidden sources of their fears, embrace the discomfort of self-betterment, and cultivate opportunities to learn and grow while building gorgeous job application materials. She works hard to incorporate the wonder of adventure in everyday life, and believes CAMP Unity is a vehicle for positive change in her skydiving community.

Alex Jordaan

License: D-28010. 20 years in the sport. 4500 jumps.
Home DZ: Skydive the Ranch (USA), Johannesburg Skydiving Club (SA), Pretoria Skydiving Club (SA).

Originally from South Africa but has been living in New York since 2013 after a handful of years out in Dubai. Loves to belly fly, angle fly, vertical fly and tunnel fly. Basically all the flys because it's all awesome.

Pronouns: He/Him

Grace Calpus

Grace Calpus

License: C-47029, ~475 jumps, 10+ hours tunnel time, 3 years in sport

Grace's home DZ is up for grabs as she jumps wherever she can, but Skydive Perris is her favorite DZ. Living in Colorado but from Michigan originally, Grace has been an athlete since she was in high school and over the years gained competency in basketball, swimming, rowing, snowboarding, skiing, and of course skydiving. She is adjunct faculty at the University of Denver and is contracted with Cornell and Rice Universities to coach emotional intelligence and leadership planning to students at all levels. Grace is passionate about inclusivity and kindness in the sport, especially because a true culture of safety depends on it.

Brittany Gray

License: D-35767, ~1100 jumps, Coach, Aff-I, T-I ratings, Ten years in the sport
Home DZ: Sky’s the Limit

Has lived in Buffalo, NY all her life, but does her best to see the rest of the world. Brittany believes in growth through challenge, and spends her time skating ramps on her quad skates, playing roller derby, riding her motorcycle, writing, and drawing.

Finds balance in the whirlwind of adventure by (not so) secretly being a D&D/Star Wars/book nerd.

Active in local and national social justice groups, she is excited to bring the beauty of that movement to the skydiving community.

Pronouns: She/Her

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